First Wednesday: Shipwrecks of Marin with Brian K. Crawford

Wednesday, July 3rd | 7:00pm

Marin County’s steep, rock-bound shores, treacherous currents and frequent fogs have been the doom of hundreds of ships for more than 400 years. Local historian Brian K. Crawford has done extensive research fleshing out the details of famous wrecks and identifying more than a hundred wrecks not documented elsewhere.

Many of these tales are full of danger and heroism, of pathos and high adventure. Terrified passengers cling to overturned steamers or clutch at rocks in the pounding seas. Seamen clamber up cliffs to escape certain destruction. The vessels range from Spanish treasure galleons to garbage scows, and clipper ships to floating dry docks. In this illustrated lecture, Crawford tells stories of seven of the most significant wrecks on our shores.

Brian K. Crawford is an author, historian, and open-space activist living in Marin County. Born in Ohio in 1947, Crawford attended Ohio State and Antioch College but dropped out and went to Haight-Ashbury for the Summer of Love. Crawford has published three novels, three collections of short stories, three memoirs of his adventures, and four books on Marin history.

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