June Volunteer Projects

Old Mill Creek

Michael Brandt, a senior at Tam High and a Life Scout in Boy Scout Troop 1 in Mill Valley, completed his Eagle Project on Saturday, June 9th, by building a vegetation barrier along Old Mill Creek near the Mill.

“This area of the creek gets quite a bit of traffic from dogs and children that like to play in the creek,” said Ronnie Moore, Volunteer Coordinator. “The problem was, the constant tracking was not allowing the new native vegetation that had been planted there last year to take hold. This new fence will provide enough of a deterrent and allow the trees to grow. Michael did a great job.”

This project came at the request of Denise Andrews, Superintendent at the Department of Public Works. The style of the fence is consistent with additional fencing in other parts of Old Mill Creek.

SLP 106 – Seymour Steps

Every month on the second Saturday, an active group of volunteers known as the Friends of SLPs, take on the task of cleaning up and improving one of our Steps, Lanes and Paths around town. This month, the group, headed up by Hugh Kuhn, cleaned up SLP 106, also known as the Seymour Steps.

This SLP which is above Miller Avenue and an access point from homes and neighbors off of Ethel and Molino is a path off of the hill and down to Miller Avenue. The path had become overgrown and hard to walk on so the volunteers decided to clean it up.

“Hugh and the Friends work so hard every month making our wonderful City that more accessible and safe,” said Ronnie Moore, Volunteer Coordinator. “He does such great work.”