Miller Avenue Building & Development Update

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500 Miller

In January 2011, the City approved a nine-unit, attached single-family residential condominium project and a separate two-story, 4,948 square foot commercial building on the site at 500 Miller Avenue. After several state-extensions of the approval for this type of project during the economic recession, and a sale of the property in early 2017, the project began construction of site improvements in the summer of 2017. Under state law, the City was required to issue the permit for this first phase of site improvements. These site improvements include site excavation, site retaining walls, and drainage improvements.

In October 2018, the Planning Commission held a study session to consider two alternatives to the approved project initiated by the new developer, including a 19 unit option and a 28 unit option. Following the Planning Commission study session, the developer decided to not pursue alternative options and proceed with the 9 unit entitled project.

The original project approvals are still valid, and the project has been vested through the previous owner's submittal of building permits to construct the retaining wall behind the residential and commercial portions of the project. The retaining wall is now complete and will be used as part of the mixed-use project consistent with the original project approvals.

Plans for the project have been reviewed by Planning and Building Director Patrick Kelly, who has determined that they are in substantial conformance with the plans for the entitled project. The developer has filed a building permit application for Phase I improvements, including underground utilities, foundations for both buildings, and concrete work inclusive of walls and columns. The developer expects to file a permit application for a complete set of construction drawings for the project by July 1. Construction of the site work portion of the project is anticipated to be completed in the fall of this year (late October/November).

Simons Way Subdivision (formerly known as Coopersmith)

This project is a 16-unit subdivision that includes a mix of unit sizes and types, including 6 single-family detached residences, 3 single-family residences with accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and 2 duplex buildings (4 units). The project includes a new roadway (Simon's Way) which will be privately maintained by the HOA.

The City issued the building and grading permits for the site improvements in March, 2017; construction of utility connections to Miller Avenue and to each lot, site retaining walls, drainage improvements, and roadway is now complete.

Building permit applications for all 16 units have been submitted for City review. Construction of the homes is expected to begin this year with completion by mid-2021.

The current owners have been marketing the project for sale are now in contract with a buyer. The transaction is tentatively scheduled to close this summer.

Questions: Please contact the Planning and Building Department at or call (415) 388-4033