City Launches eBike Program

June 18, 2019

The City has launched a new eBike Program for City Staff to use in the course of their daily work as they serve the residents of Mill Valley. The eBike Program was initiated through a City-sponsored Innovation Program, which challenged City employees to suggest ideas that would improve everyday procedures and makes Mill Valley a leader in innovative approaches to key issues.

Below is a Q & A with Steve Inskeep, Treatment Plant Operator at our Wastewater Treatment Facility, who initiated the program and shepherded it to its successful completion:

Q: Congratulationson your innovative program! Tell us about the eBikes.

A: The bikes are available to all City staff and will initially live at the Library, City Hall, and the Community Center and then be rotated to other City facilities as we pilot the program.

Q: How will City staff use them?

A: The bikes will be used for a variety of regular City functions including: building inspections, sewer lift station monitoring, code enforcement visits, special event support, among other tasks, such as getting staff around to different facilities for meetings, events, etc.

Q: What are the benefits of this program?

A: The benefits of the program are ongoing environmental and fiscal stewardship for the City. It allows for staff to have an alternative transportation option to conduct City business while emitting zero emissions with minimal on-going costs. Also this is a good way for the City to continue our progress cutting our greenhouse gas emissions as outlined in our adopted Climate Action Plan.

Q: How much did the bikes cost and where did the funding come from?

A: The bikes were $5,000 each with service membership included. Funding came from the Innovation Grant fund, approved by the City Council. We will receive a rebate through the Transportation Authority of Marin that will equal $1000 per bike. 

The City of Mill Valley has a long-standing commitment and track record when it comes to environmental protection and other sustainability related initiatives. Sustainability is woven into the City's daily operations-from procurement to field work, guided by the City Council's adopted goal of a healthy natural environment with emphasis on conservation, open space, climate protection and sustainability. Learn more.