Our Street Lights and Sewers Could Use Your Help!

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is looking for help from residents and businesses to improve our street lights and sewer system. Here’s how:

Keep Vegetation Trimmed and Report Street Light Outages

Did you know that DPW maintains and operates over 800 street lights in Mill Valley? Our traffic signal and street light contractor performs monthly nighttime streetlight inspections to verify operations on arterials and key roadways, but does not visit every light. Even when driving past lights in busy areas, lights are sometimes obscured by vegetation. The City appreciates your patience while travel and parking may be briefly impacted for tree trimming and maintenance.

Here’s how: If overgrown vegetation is on your property, please trim vegetation around the lights to allow them to shine down to the street. If you spot a street light outage, please report the outage here or by calling (866) 523-8386. Please provide as much information as you can to help the electrician not only find the pole, but to have the correct material for the repair. Helpful information includes the nearest street address, cross street, pole number, pole type and what you suspect is the problem.

Report Sewer Overflows

Department of Public Works staff have responded to sewer overflows from private laterals in recent years. 

What’s a private lateral? This is the pipe that carries a home’s waste to the sewer main in the street. Private laterals are not maintained by the City and are the responsibility of homeowners to maintain and clean. Private laterals are susceptible to damage by tree roots, ground movement/settling, grease, “flushable” wipes (that are not really flushable) and food items such as eggs shells, pits, onion and potato skins. 

Why are overflows bad? For pretty obvious reasons, no one wants raw sewage spilling onto private yards, the street, or backing up into the home. Also, leaky pipes harm the environment and can be considered a health hazard. 

Here’s how: Property owners, have your sewer laterals inspected and repair minor issues found before they become major issues. Also, please don't flush anything that doesn’t belong down the toilet or sink.

If you notice anything that appears to be a sewer overflow, please contact the Department of Public Works immediately at (415) 384-4800. We will dispatch staff to investigate and contain the leak as necessary.

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