GardenSmart: Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Saturday, August 17th | 11:00am

Most areas in Marin County are at High to Very High risk of wildfires. Fire agencies throughout the county are stepping up requirements for reducing flammable vegetation around our homes. In this class, Marin Master Gardeners Bob Mauceli and Jim Kasper will teach you why and how our vegetation makes us vulnerable, what makes some plants more flammable than others and how to reduce risk while also creating an attractive fire-resistant landscape.

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Jim Kasper joined UC Marin Master Garden in 2011. His gardening areas of interest are California natives with particular attention to garden planning and plant selection for fire-risk mitigation and defensible space. Since a 12-acre fire on public land 1/4-mile from his home, Jim has been involved with various organizations including GGNRA, Marin County Parks, Marin Master Gardeners, fire agencies in Marin County and the Marin Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

Before becoming a Marin Master Gardener in 2014, Bob Mauceli was a Master Gardener for 9 years in New York. He lives on a north Novato hillside that has 21 Tuscan olive trees and is landscaped using native trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials.