Community Coffee Pop-Up Comes to the Center

Community Coffee will open in late 2019. You can stop by every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
from 8:00am-1:00pm in the Mill Valley Community Center for your favorite cup of coffee and a snack
for your kids. Together, we’ll make Mill Valley a community for everyone. We’ll see you there!

Marin is home to over 20,000 people with disabilities; they are our family members, our students and
our neighbors, but how many are our co-workers?

We’re thrilled to launch this innovative program and put into practice Integrated Community Services,
Equator Coffees and the Mill Valley Community Center’s core values of diversity and inclusion.

Every sip supports, as 100% of revenue from Community Coffee will go towards the job-training program, creating opportunities for 40 annual program participants to continue on their path to independence.

This opportunity to integrate people with disabilities into the workforce sparked a powerful partnership
between Integrated Community Services, Equator Coffees and the City of Mill Valley’s Community
Center who are launching an innovative social enterprise, Community Coffee. Community Coffee will
provide paid job training that will lay the foundation for people with disabilities to build bright careers,
while bringing world-class Equator Coffees to the Mill Valley Community Center.

Companies with more diverse teams report 19% higher revenue due to innovation 1 , and growing
up in a diverse community can help kids become more compassionate and less judgmental. Community
Coffee will bring the positive impacts of diversity to the community where your family works, plays, learns and lives.