Sutton Manor Drainage Channel Sediment Removal


The City of Mill Valley Public Works Department (DPW) will remove sediment from the Sutton Manor drainage channel August 19 - 22, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

Impacts to residents will include minor truck traffic on Ashford Avenue, as well as the closure of the path and sidewalk connecting the street to the CVS parking lot. Some heavy equipment noise may be heard from the parking lot and homes closest to creek overpass on Ashford Avenue during working hours. Residential parking should not be impacted.

About the Project:

The Sutton Manor drainage channel runs parallel East Blithedale, from Ashford Avenue, past parking lots, ultimately draining into Richardson Bay near Roque Moraes Drive. During the summer, stream flows are very low. However, high tides from Richardson Bay back flow into the stream year round. Accumulated sediment within the channel immediately downstream of Ashford Avenue threatened flooding during storm events in recent years. To prevent future flooding, DPW has received all necessary permits to remove critical sediment deposits.

Removal of this sediment will allow stormwater to flow unimpeded, repress the buildup of algae, and help keep water temperatures cool, which is beneficial to aquatic invertebrates and fish. The project will also support habitat and growth of native vegetation by removing invasive plants and garbage. All work will be conducted by DPW Operations staff from the top of the bank to limit damage to the creek bed.

The project is funded by Marin County Flood District Zone 3 in cooperation with City staff.

Questions about the project can be directed to Denise Andrews, Operations Superintendent, at or by phone at (415) 384-4708.