Community Center Gets New Generator for Public Safety

We are pleased to announce that the Community Center has received a new generator to provide critical services during a prolonged electrical outages we may experience in extreme weather conditions. The Community Center is considered a critical facility and may be used as a shelter if needed, serving as a cooling station in warm months, a warming station in cold months, and as a place for the public to charge devices in the event of a power outage or evacuation.

This summer and in future summers, PG&E may need to shut power off to areas affected by fire danger in California as part of their Public Safety Power Shutoff program; these power shut offs may affect the City of Mill Valley, our community services and our local residents.

“Preparedness and public safety is always top of mind for the City Council and our staff. We want to make sure we have resources to offer the community in the event of a power outage,” Mayor Jim Wickham said.

We want to ensure that Community Center, Aquatics and Fitness Center users are aware that in the event of a power outage, the Center may be activated as an emergency shelter or as a “Power Resource Center,” depending on the type of emergency and community need.  This could result in the canceling of programs and rentals, and the closing of the pool and fitness floor, so that we can focus on supporting public safety, communications, and attending to issues and concerns.

Center staff are working on the installation and testing of the new generator, and making sure staff are trained and ready to go in the event of an outage. We appreciate your support, understanding and patience.

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