Ricardo Road Pump Station Improvements Update

The Ricardo Road Pump Station Improvements Project is 92% complete..

•The rehabilitation of the Ricardo Road Pump Station including required demolition of the existing pump station, demolition and removal of a 550-gal diesel underground storage tank, generator and controls, including modifications to the existing subsurface concrete structure, construction of a valve pit, a six (6) ft diameter PVC lined influent manhole, installation of a new motor control center and all electrical work, installation of a 125 kW engine generator, all surface improvements, site improvements, fencing, landscaping, irrigation, drainage improvements, pavement restoration, temporary controls, bypass pumping, a 12 inch line stop, including demolition and removal of a 550-gal diesel underground storage tank at the Salt Works Pump Station, relocation and installation of a 300-gal day tank and fill port from the Ricardo Road Pump Station to the Salt Works Pump Station, demolition and disposal of a 225 kW turbine generator set from the Trestle Glen Pump Station. 

•Pacific Infrastructure Corporation (PIC) was the lowest responsible bid of $2,223,500 and issued Notice of Award on 3/22/2019.  

The first phase of the WWTP Master Plan implementation began in April 2018 and is expected to conclude in early 2020. The primary goal in this initial phase is to help ensure reliable treatment of wastewater, as well as compliance with regional, State and Federal regulations. Numerous upgrades and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure are key components of this two-year contract project.

The following ongoing work activities are progressing well and remain on schedule to be completed by the end of March 2020: 

  • Trickling Filter (TF) #1 is 100% Completed. The multi-disk filter has been disconnected and removed from the site.TF#2 was completed in 2018.
  • Primary Clarifiers #3 & #4 are 100% Completed: All improvements are completed with installing all new mechanical drives, cross-collectors, and motors and fully operational as of 9/13/19.PC#1 & PC#2 were completed in 2018
  • Emergency generators replacement and new automatic bus transfer switch (ABTS) control work is 100% complete: The new 750HP emergency generator was replaced and commissioned. Generator #2 is in the process of being replaced and will be completed by the end of the month.
  • Installation of new switchgear harmonic breakers & control cabinets are 100% complete
  • Headworks Building Odor Control (Bio-Scrubber) System is 100% Operational: The newly installed system is fully operational and continues to meet the designed Hydrogen Sulfide exhaust removal efficiency of greater than 99%. Hydrogen Sulfide is the source of the rotten egg smell that people notice near the plant, and the new Bio-Scrubber is working hard to significantly reduce these emissions. Recent 3rd party tests confirmed the Bio-scrubber’s removal efficiency.
  • Interior Building Painting is 100% completed:
  • Motor Control Center (MCC-4) Replacement is 99% complete:The new MCC located within the Maintenance Building to distribute power to Primary Clarifiers #1-#4 is and will be fully operational by mid-November;
  • Influent Pump #1-#3 VFD Replacement is 100% complete: VFDs have been factory tested and accepted and waiting for the harmonic regulators to be installed within the main switchgear prior to replacement. Work is scheduled to be completed prior to December.
  • Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Replacements are 98%: All energy efficient LED fixtures will be completed by end of the month.
  • Influent Main Gate Replacement is 100% complete: Work is schedule to occur in late October and completed prior to wet weather conditions.
  • Hatch to influent pump room is 0% complete;
  • Demo of abandon chlorine gas piping and miscellaneous valve change outs is 99%