Evacuation Maps and Resources

Download the Evacuation Mailer for your neighborhood:




Scott Valley

Tamalpais Valley

The map includes:

  • How to sign up for alerts from Nixle and AlertMarin
  • How to pack a “Grab and Go Bag”
  • What to do if you must evacuate
  • How to prepare your home and neighborhood before you leave
  • Evacuation routes out of the area
  • How to find the closest Community Refuge Areas

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Evacuations

How will I know when to evacuate?

The City of Mill Valley operates an emergency alert system via numerous channels, including sirens, calls and texts, social media, and working with local TV and radio to amplify messaging. Go to and sign up today. We use these methods to alert community members with real-time information on the disaster, evacuation logistics, shelters, and other information.

However, you do not have to wait for an evacuation order – you may leave well ahead of the danger if you are inclined, and there is no "Shelter in Place" order for your area. This is advised for individuals with special needs that may require extra time and special assistance.

Where should I go?

Where to evacuate will depend on the disaster and a myriad of circumstances that may impact your area, such as the wind, weather, road access, and other factors. Public safety officials recommend that you “Know 2 Ways Out” and identify not only your primary evacuation route, but alternative routes as well. The map in the mailer will show you roads, paths, and other routes to get away from danger to a nearby Community Refuge Area. If you are evacuating, Public Safety officials recommend that you:

  1. GO to safety at a Community Refuge Area.
  2. WAIT for the danger to pass.
  3. LISTEN for instructions from the authorities.

What is a Community Refuge Area?
Community Refuge Areas are locations throughout Mill Valley that have minimal vegetation and wide expanses of paved or well irrigated and mowed grassy areas, such as the Mill Valley Golf Course. The mailer indicates where these areas exist in your neighborhood.

Practice evacuating and get acquainted with 2 or more routes.

What can I do to prepare?

  • After signing yourself up, sign up friends and family for emergency alerts from Nixle and AlertMarin.
  • Pack a “Grab and Go Bag” for yourself and everyone in your family – including your pets.
  • Discuss your primary and alternative evacuation routes and potential Community Refuge Areas with your family.
  • Practice evacuating and get acquainted with the routes.
  • Take time to go over the mailer (downloads are available below) and contact us if you have any questions.

In our ongoing quest to improve our emergency preparedness and evacuations, Mill Valley residents received a mailer via postal mail that explains the most important steps we can take to plan and prepare for an emergency.

Watch a short, 2-minute video describing the mailer.

This mailer (available for download above) was developed in coordination with the Emergency Preparedness Commission, City officials and emergency first responders to share information and resources to prepare residents for a potential evacuation related to a large-scale disaster in our community.

Contact Us:

Chris Tubbs, Fire Chief

Southern Marin Fire District
28 Liberty Ship Way
STE 2800
Sausalito, CA 94965

Non-Emergency Phone: (415) 388-8182
Emergency Phone: 911

Additional recommendations for emergency preparedness are available here.

Thank you to the Mill Valley Rotary Club for their generous contribution to this effort.