Successful Repair of Bayfront and Hauke Park Pedestrian Bridge

In September 2019, the City of Mill Valley announced the closure of the pedestrian bridge connecting Bayfront and Hauke Park due to one of its twelve support piers being compromised. Inspections, necessary approvals, and repairs were completed in record time by the City of Mill Valley, and the bridge was re-opened on November 27, 2019 at 3pm.

After discovering the bridge closure, the City Council held a Special Meeting on October 2, 2019, wherein the Council: 

  • Adopted a Resolution finding the Bayfront-Hauke Park Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge repairs to be categorically exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act and declaring the situation an emergency
  • Authorized a General Fund Budget Adjustment of $195,000
  • Authorized the City Manager to execute construction contracts with Underwater Resources Inc., the lowest responsive/responsible bidder for the pier repairs and a separate contract with the lowest responsive/responsible bidder for repairing railings as needed.

City staff received repair strategies, design guidance and contractor proposals to conduct the repairs. They also expedited the permit process with four regulatory agencies to obtain authorization to conduct the work. These included:

  • San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • California State Water Resources Control Board
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife

After all four regulatory agencies provided approvals, City engineers procured the custom-fabricated materials and repair work began on November 11, 2019.

Due to the sensitive nature of the location of the bridge in a wetland, the work had to be concluded by November 30, 2019; otherwise, the repairs would have had to be postponed until September 2020 due to regulatory restrictions and guidelines. Despite these challenges, the City of Mill Valley successfully set and met their expedited timeline of bridge repairs.

While the bridge was unavailable, the City provided safe pedestrian and bike access in the area, especially for students as they traveled to and from school and sporting facilities. The Police Department recommended that students use the sidewalks on Roque Moraes Drive and Hamilton Drive to access the Hauke Park fields. City staff also installed temporary signs and worked with local schools to advise students to walk their bikes on the sidewalks. Updates were provided to local schools and large park users such as athletic groups through signs posted in the area, the City’s website, and email blasts.

Thank you to the Public Works team and their consultants for your hard work. We also thank our residents and community members for your patience and cooperation throughout the repair process.

For any questions, the Department of Public Works can be reached via Email: or Phone: (415) 384-4800.