How Do I Sign Up for Public Safety Alerts?

September 16, 2019

Public Safety Alerts are like Swiss Cheese - None of them are without holes. But if you opt in or are aware of multiple methods to receive alerts and find news, then the holes get smaller and you have a greater chance of being informed in an emergency.

Here is what we recommend:

Alert Marin - This Emergency Notifications System can send text messages, emails, and phone calls to your phone in the case of emergency situations.

Nixle- Nixle keeps you up-to-date with relevant information from the Mill Valley Police Department. Nixle alerts can be sent directly to your phone and/or email.

Nextdoor is a private neighborhood website where residents share information such as neighborhood public safety issues, community events and activities, local services, referrals and lost pet information. The City has a Nextdoor account and may send urgent alerts to members.

LRAD Emergency Sirens – Our new sirens will broadcast alert tones and audible instructions. The LRAD sirens are located in Cascade, Blithedale and Warner Canyons, plus Scott Valley and atop Mill Valley City Hall. Listen for the sirens at noon on the first Saturday of the month.

Social Media – The City of Mill Valley is on both Twitter and Facebook and we post news and updates to these accounts in emergencies as well. Follow or “Like” us, and you will see our posts in your feed.

City of Mill Valley website – We post news on the City of Mill website – in emergencies we post a bright red banner across the screen. We update the news item as information is available.

PulsePoint - Hear sirens? Curious about fire activity in the area? Download the PulsePoint App. This application for mobile devices provides real-time fire agency incident information.

Update Your Contact Information with PG&E - Customers impacted by an upcoming power shutoff will receive notifications by phone and email, when possible, in advance of the outage.

Local TV and Radio Stations – In Marin, AM 740, AM 810, FM 106.9, FM 88.5; are good options. In West Marin, KWMR FM 90.5 Point Reyes & FM 89.9 Bolinas are excellent local options. KPIX, KRON, KTVU are good local TV news sources.

In an emergency, we have a team of individuals trying to get you informed as quickly as possible. Help us reach you –

  • Sign up for alerts
  • Keep your cell phone on and near your bed at night when you are sleeping
  • Get to know your neighbors – If you receive an emergency alert, please share with your neighbors!