PG&E to Conduct Fire Safety Vegetation Management at Alto Station 9/30-Mid November

PG&E will conduct vegetation management work at PG&E’s Alto Substation in Mill Valley from September 30th through mid-November from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Alto Substation is located at the intersection of Roque Morales Drive and Longfellow Drive, adjacent to Hauke Park.
The work will create a 100–foot defensible space buffer from energized equipment or buildings in and around the substation. Additional work will eliminate hazards along the lower access road, remove hazard trees with potential to strike energized equipment, and ensure safe access in the event of an emergency. In addition to brush removal and trimming, work crews will remove a significant number of trees deemed unhealthy or hazardous as part of the project. This work will also protect public health and safety by reducing and eliminating fire danger and other potential hazards. The work will not take place during nesting season to minimize impacts to birds.

Potential impacts to neighbors include noise from vegetation removal and heavy work trucks during permitted work hours. Work crews will use the Substation and access roads for parking and staging of equipment, and should not impact traffic or parking.

PG&E will conduct outreach to neighbors near the substation prior to the start of work and will have an outreach specialist available to answer any questions. Questions? Contact Greg Wright with PG&E at: (415) 214-2602, or