Mill Valley Pavement Maintenance Program Update – Awards, Reports and Your Input Wanted!

We Won Another Award for Infrastructure Repairs!

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) oversees the Bay Area's annual “Paving Report Card” and recently awarded Mill Valley the honor of "Most Improved" category as one of the two agencies with Pavement Condition Index (PCI) increase of 13 points in 2018, tying with the City of Calistoga.

Pavement Condition Index (PCI)


Mill Valley’s
Annual Rating

Very Good-Excellent
(PCI = 80-100)

Newly constructed for resurfaced pavement with few signs of distress.


(PCI = 70-79)

Pavement requiring mostly preventive maintenance and showing only low levels of distress.

2018 - 73

(PCI = 60-69)

Pavement at the low end of this range is significantly distressed and may require a combination of rehabilitation and preventive maintenance.

2017 - 64

2016 - 61
2015 - 60

At Risk
(PCI = 50-59)

Deteriorated pavement requiring immediate attention, including rehabilitative work.

2014 - 58

(PCI = 25-49)

Pavement showing extensive distress and requiring major rehabilitation or reconstruction.


(PCI = 0-24)

Extremely rough pavement that needs complete reconstruction.


We appreciate this recognition and attribute it to strong direction from our Council to focus on protecting and improving the City's infrastructure in a forward-thinking and cost-efficient manner.

Council has laid the foundation for this success over the years by supporting funding measures, approving paving strategies and working with the community to support paving projects. We also thank community members for approving Measure H on the 2016 ballot – the measure renewed our Municipal Service Tax, which goes directly into improving the condition of City streets.

With the increased allocation of resources, the City has been able to complete projects such as the Miller Avenue Streetscape, reconstruction of Olive Avenue, repaving of Seaver Drive, Lower Drive, Portola Lane, Stetson Avenue, Upperhill Road, Valley Circle, Hamilton Drive, Shelter Bay, Birch Street, Molino Avenue, Winwood Place, Hazel Avenue and Robertson Terrace, Coach Road, Janes Street, Montford Avenue, Camino Alto as well as performing dig-out repairs, crack sealing and slurry sealing on approximately 93 streets in the last several years.

Pavement Maintenance Plan Report

At their September 5, 2019 meeting, Council received a report on the City’s Five-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan. The Five-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan identifies street maintenance priorities to extend the useful life of our approximately $184 million road network and to increase the overall quality of the City's roadways based on the available funding. The Five-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan will be our guide to implement strategies to achieve the City's goal of maintaining a Pavement Condition Index of 74 (good). 

The City owns and maintains 61 centerline miles of pavement, or 7,700,000 square feet of pavement, an asset worth almost $184 million. Mill Valley currently has $22 million of identified pavement needs over the next five years and between $11.7 to $13.6 million in paving funds available. With an approximate $10 million shortfall, it is not feasible to rehabilitate all desired streets within the pace of the five-year planning period. Therefore, priorities and choices must be made as a part of the adoption of the Pavement Maintenance Plan.

Based on extensive analysis of Council priorities and best use of available funds, Public Works Director Andrew Poster recommends the City proceed with a strategy called “Critical Point Management,” as described in the Pavement Maintenance Plan. The Critical Point approach is recognized as the most cost-effective pavement management plan, because it results in the highest quality pavements at a given budget over a long period of time.  

Your Input is Wanted! Join us for a Pavement Maintenance Plan Community Meeting - October 15, 2019

Per Council direction, Public Works staff will hold a Community Workshop on the City pavement management strategy to gain input from community members. The workshop is scheduled for October 15 from 4 to 6 pm in City Hall Council Chambers. Learn more.

We look forward to meeting with community members to discuss the best way to keep our streets in good condition and to maximize the cost effectiveness of the City's pavement maintenance and rehabilitation program.