Mill Valley Takes Part in the Annual California Coastal Cleanup

Coastal Cleanup

On September 21, 2019 more than 60,000 volunteers came together across the state of California to participate in 35th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day. Thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables are removed each year on this day from beaches, lakes and other waterways and provides a renewed global awareness to the growing marine litter problem.

The first of these cleanups was started to our north by a resident of the state of Oregon, Judy Neilson, who became concerned about the amount of plastic products washing up on Oregon beaches. So, in October 1984 she organized a statewide group of volunteers to an event she called “Plague of Plastics”. The very next year California joined the fight. Close to 2,500 Californians joined that first event in 1985 and it has grown in leaps and bounds.

Marin County organizes close to 50 sites each year, utilizing 1500 volunteers. In Mill Valley, one of the prominent county sites is along Bayfront and Bothin Marsh. The cleanup goes along the multi-use path from East Blithedale to the north, to Pohono parking lot and the Stinson Beach exit of Highway 101 to the south. This year, this site was cleaned by 76 volunteers between 9AM and 12PM. These volunteers collected 122 pounds of trash and 18 pounds of recyclable materials. The most common trash found were food wrappers (526) and small plastic bags (234) as well as dozens of lacrosse balls and baseballs. Eliminating this much trash from our delicate waterways is critical to preserving a healthy bay and ocean.  For more information on Coastal Cleanup Day, click here.

Please mark your calendar for Coastal Cleanup 2020 set for the third Saturday of September, September 19, 2020. We need your help!