Yellow School Bus Program Update

October 8, 2019

The City Council considered the Yellow School Bus Program at their October 7, 2019 meeting. At issue was deciding if the City would continue funding the program budget defecit of $21,000.

Council affirmed their support of the program and gave direction to staff to continue to work with stakeholders to solidify financial support for long-term programming.

The program is a positive collaboration with MVSD, Marin Transit and Marin County which offers better options for transporting students to and from school, and it demonstrates our commitment to reducing traffic congestion and cutting our community’s carbon footprint. The program is also well supported in the community, as evidenced by the strong parent support at each school, and a recent piece by the Marin Independent Journal Editorial Board, asserting that “The buses are making a difference… there should be little debate that the buses are safe, improve local traffic and reduce the daily jam of cars in front of schools.”

After backfilling the defecit of $21,000, the City's contribution will total $91,000 of the $245,000 program budget.

Read the Staff Report.

Watch the Meeting

Yellow School Bus Annual Passes remain on sale for interested families with children attending Mill Valley Middle School, Edna Maguire, or Strawberry Point.

Annual passes are available for morning, afternoon, or both routes for the 2019-20 school year. Check routes and order passes at