Volunteers from Outdoor Art Club and Clean Mill Valley Beautify Boyle Park for the Community

October 16, 2019

Boyle Park was made litter-free, thanks to the efforts of civic-minded members of the Outdoor Art Club and Clean Mill Valley who joined forces on October 12, 2019 to remove litter from one of Mill Valley’s oldest and most beloved parks. This seven plus acre jewel contains a popular playground, tennis courts, a large open grassy area that is adjacent to picnic tables and the Mill Valley Little League fields, and has access to a creek.

A thirty-two gallon trash bag brimming with errant tennis balls, cans, bottles, balloon parts, food wrappers, and a significant amount of micro-litter was collected by sixteen people who worked to protect our watershed and prevent trash from finding its way into our creeks, onto Richardson Bay and further, to the Pacific Ocean.

The Outdoor Art Club was founded in 1902, and one of its first activities was to have the trash under the Old Mill removed. The Club remains dedicated to many civic causes, including the beautification of Mill Valley.

Clean Mill Valley was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to education and advocacy regarding the deleterious impact that litter has on our environment. In addition, they lead many litter cleanups and manage an Adopt-a-Spot program for anyone who wants their own public spot to keep clean. Volunteers who enjoy walking or taking their dog out in the same area every day pick up trash at the same time, making a difference in keeping the community clean.

The City of Mill Valley values and appreciates the hard work of these volunteers to make Mill Valley a better place.

Join in and get involved! There are many opportunities to contribute with Outdoor Art Club, Clean Mill Valley, and the City of Mill Valley.

<Article courtesy of Ms. Joan Murray. >