Downtown Project Update - December 2019

December 9, 2019

The Downtown Project Advisory Committee held their kick-off meeting December 5, 2019, with their following meeting planned for February 2020. The Design Advisory Committee will provide input on project scope and design concepts, explore alternatives, evaluate concept plans and select preferred plans with the attainable funding.

Next steps include adding to the Scope of Work for Phase I of the project, the pavement resurfacing on Corte Madera from Throckmorton to Gardner Street, West Blithedale from Buena Vista to Hillside Street. Staff also is planning to set up a Community Meeting in January to give the Downtown community an update on the project schedule, design, and construction logistics. In February, Staff will return to the City Council to seek approval of the design plans for the additional scope of work to Phase I. 

The CIPP sewer lining portion of the project is going forward as planned, construction is planned for summer 2020. CIPP stands for "cured-in-place pipe," and involves installing a flexible tube that gradually hardens to form a rigid, smooth surface that seals cracks and restores the sewer pipe lining. Existing manholes are utilized for the majority of construction, minimizing the amount of open trench excavation required for the job.

Learn more: Watch the video on how CIPP works.

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