First Wednesday: The Last Tie of the First Transcontinental Railroad

Wednesday, February 5th | 7:00pm

Local history talk in collaboration with the Mill Valley Historical Society.

The Last Tie of the First Transcontinental Railroad with Pat Goggins

In 1869, the last tie used for the ceremonial completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad was harvested from a California Laurel Tree on Mt. Tamalpais. Goggins will talk about the tie and the ceremonial spikes which were exhibited in Sacramento, Utah and SF, along with a Gold Spike provided by capitalist financiers. Destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, the tie was resurrected in memory by descendants of Chinese and Irish railroad workers at the 150th Anniversary (2019) of the railroad’s completion.

Goggins will be joined by Lotus Fong, independent scholar and activist and Norman Ten, the President of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance in SF, who will give brief comments and participate in the question and answer period.

Patrick Goggins was born in Northern Montana to an Irish Immigrant railroad/construction family. He was Director of the Irish Forum Dialogue for Peace in Ireland from 1980-98, Chair of the Irish Literary and Historical Society, and is a member of the United Irish Cultural Center, the Chinese Historical Society of America, and the Chinese Railroad Workers Descendants Association. An avid bird watcher, he is deeply connected to nature and Mt. Tamalpais, and a member of many environmental organizations.

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