MV Together - Community Service, with an accent on “Community”

Community Service, with an accent on “Community”

Community service in Mill Valley takes many forms, historically it takes the form of an individual or group working on one particular project to benefit a specific need within the community. Last month, one of our nonprofits, Friends of Steps, Lanes and Paths (SLPs), took a different approach.

On December 14th the Friends of SLPs held the first “MV Together” community-wide volunteer event. Instead of their singular second Saturday work group focused on improving one single SLP, the Friends reached out to others in the community to join them in giving a few hours of volunteer effort on as many staircases and areas in town as possible. Volunteers worked with their neighbors, spouses, kids and members of other Mill Valley volunteer organizations, to remove wet, slippery leaves and tree litter from staircases and parks around town. The day was a great success.

Hugh Kuhn, the coordinator of the monthly SLP projects grabbed his rake and broom and headed to SLP 6, otherwise known as Talkington Lane, which runs from Ethel to the parking lot behind All Wrapped Up downtown. “This SLP is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and gets inundated with debris very quickly,” said Kuhn. “It needs to be maintained regularly.” 

Other projects around town included: SLP 7, a set of stairs that was built by Scout Troop One several years ago that runs between Ethel and Throckmorton near the Depot, was maintained by Urban Carmel. SLP 61, off of West Blithedale was raked and cleaned up by Marshall, Meredith and Will Jenson, and Mike Mooney took good care of SLP 106 also known as the “Seymour Steps” running from Molino to Ethel.

Dave and Nathan Robinson took on a father/son project trimming blackberry bushes, removing ivy and raking leaves and sticks from SLP 54, which runs from Magee to Lyon Place in Blithedale Canyon. Joan Murray from Clean Mill Valley joined Wendy Nichols and her son Nick to remove leaves and slippery moss from SLP 1 between Ethel and Miller Ave.

Rich Marshall and daughter Ruby worked together on SLP 3 which runs between Ethel and Miller. Susan Crimley and husband Francis Gough cleaned up SLP 249, one of the special secret shortcuts on Elinor. Susan and Francis also picked up trash along the path in Miller Grove below Corte Madera Avenue and Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio Creek.

Michael Alley tackled the long bottom flight of the Dipsea steps, otherwise known as SLP 26. Ryan Lugbauer and friend Melissa picked up litter through Old Mill Park and last but not least Tianna Wimmer and Warren Leiden worked on SLP 69 where they removed tons of wet, slippery leaves on a heavily traveled pathway from Hillside to Oakdale at the top of Hill Street.

How can you get involved?

The Friends of SLPs will be resuming their second Saturday projects this coming Saturday, January 11th from 9am-12pm (location to be determined). If you are interested in joining in this effort or a future project email Ronnie Moore, or submit your name and email address on the Friends’ website:

Additional opportunities always exist with Clean Mill Valley, our local nonprofit that does an excellent job removing litter from our streets, waterways and parks. They have an “Adopt A Spot” program where residents, business owners or groups can sign up to “adopt” a place or part of town, contact Joan Murray or visit for more information.


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