City of Mill Valley Garners $450,000 in Funding to Invest in Safe Pathways to Schools

January 6, 2020

On October 24, the Transportation Authority of Marin Board of Commissioners approved $6.6M in funding to help complete a total of 27 Safe Pathways (School Routes) and three Multi-Use Pathway projects throughout Marin. Funding for these projects comes from the recent voter-passed Measure AA, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAMQD) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). 

For Mill Valley, the TAM Board approved a total of $450,000 in grants to fund two infrastructure projects that will improve bicycle safety in Mill Valley, as part of the Countywide Safe Pathways to School Program

East Blithedale Bicycle Improvements:
The TAM Board approved $400,000 to fund the installation of bicycle facilities along East Blithedale Avenue between Camino Alto and Tower/Kipling Drives. These facilities include Class II bike lanes with some segments inclusive of bicycle buffers as well as shared lane use markings. Class II facilities designate an on-road bicycle lane, with a typical width of 4-6’. The City’s proposal envisioned some minor roadway widening requirements in order to provide the bikeway. Design and construction of the proposed Class II bike lanes will be included in the upcoming East Blithedale Avenue Rehabilitation Project.

Throckmorton Avenue and Olive Avenue and Intersection Improvement Project:
The TAM Board also approved $50,000 for the Throckmorton and Olive Avenue Intersection Improvement Project, which includes the installation of safety devices such as signs,striping, and pedestrian ramps. The project may also include rectangular flashing beacons at theThrockmorton /Olive Avenue intersection and Walnut Avenue at the Park Path crossing.

“Making sure our kids can safely get around town on bike or walking is a major focus for us - especially around the schools and major thoroughfares,” Mayor Jim Wickham said. “I am grateful to the TAM Board for their support as we work towards our goal of getting our roadways to be more bike and pedestrian friendly.”

“Every time we can make a roadway, sidewalk, or crosswalk safer - the closer we get to reducing tragic congestion on our roads,” Councilmember, and former TAM Board President Stephanie Moulton-Peters said. “This grant will make it safer and more convenient to use alternatives for some of our trips, and I am all for it.”

Andrew Poster, the City’s Director of Public Works anticipates these projects will initiate design, bidding and construction in 2020 and 2021. 

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