California Park and Recreation Society Honors Two Mill Valley Volunteers

California Park and Recreation Society Honors Two Mill Valley Volunteers

On Saturday, February 1, 2020 California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) had its 70th Annual Awards & Installation Banquet for District 1 in the Petaluma Community Center. This event honors individuals and groups that are outstanding Community Volunteers in 2019 in their communities. This year, Mill Valley’s Department of Recreation nominated two of our local heroes, Hugh Kuhn and Gail Consulter. Both of these individuals have dedicated decades of their time to helping others and giving back.

Hugh Kuhn is a 23-year resident, community leader, and more than 10-year volunteer for the City of Mill Valley. He established the, Friends of Mill Valley Steps, Lanes, and Paths, which brings the community together to protect and preserve a valuable, historic resource. City of Mill Valley Volunteer Coordinator Ronnie Moore says of Hugh, “Hugh Kuhn has been a dedicated volunteer for more than a decade. He works every month maintaining one of these paths and, in some cases, tears them down and rebuilds them. In December, he broadened his efforts to include a new form of community workday, MV Together, in which many projects happened simultaneously throughout the City.”

It should be noted the pilot program, MV Together, proved successful with neighborhood volunteers coordinating projects on more than 10 of the historic Steps, Lanes, and Paths at the same time. As our Volunteer Coordinator stated, “Hugh is amazing and a Mill Valley treasure.”

Gail Consulter is a long-time community member of Mill Valley who volunteers her time to host a free, weekly meditation class at the Mill Valley Community Center open to anyone that would like to attend. Her first class was held on March 24, 2005 which means she has hosted this class for over 15 years! In addition, Gail asks participants for donations and submits 100% of the donations to Mill Valley Recreation Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund benefits low income residents throughout Southern Marin County. In addition to her time, Gail has donated over $15,500, averaging over $1000 per year which means she directly contributes to 3 or more individuals receiving scholarship funding each year. Gail has a loyal following of attendees at her weekly meditation class and frequently sees new members dropping in who end up staying because they love her calm, balanced, and warm approach to this class. She is a kind and compassionate member of this community who demonstrates exemplary behavior which should be noted, modeled, and celebrated! 

If you see one of these two long-time Mill Valley residents, please congratulate them! Mill Valley is a special place to live, work and relax because of community leaders like Hugh and Gail. THANK YOU!!! 


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