Fire Access Improvements Project Update

The City of Mill Valley has many narrow streets and tight turns that have challenged fire equipment operators for many years. Multi point turns and narrow sections of the roadways slow fire response to many locations in the City.

The Fire Department has identified 12 priority locations in need of improvements. In 2019, the City completed Design & Engineering of two intersections - Rose Ave / Hazel Ave & Marion Ave / Hazel Ave. The City’s contractor has now completed work at these two intersections, completing construction in January of 2020. These two projects included widening of the portions of the roadway, repaving and installing retaining walls, to provide more space for fire trucks to navigate the intersection and improve emergency response time. 

“The Fire Department is very excited about this project being completed, it has been years in the making," Tom Welch, Mill Valley Deputy Fire Chief said. "These improvements save seconds, which in turn save lives.”