Litter on Miller Avenue: We Can All Do Our Part!

We have noticed an increase in litter on Miller Avenue - wayward food wrappers,food and beverage containers, napkins and bits of paper on the sidewalks,medians and roadway. Where does it come from? Roadside litter comes from lots ofsources, including motorists, pedestrians, improperly covered loads, andspillage from trash receptacles.

Let's all pitch in to reducelitter!

  • Always put your trash in a proper container. If one is not available, hold on to your garbage until you find one.
  • Use a litter bag in your vehicle.
  • Use returnable, reusable or refillable drink containers or bring your own cup.
  • Reduce and reuse as much as you can before you recycle.
  • Support community cleanups, recycling programs, legislation and other efforts to reduce litter.
  • Set a good example. Don't be a Litter Bug.

If you would like to help out - here are some other ways to get involved:

  • Join Clean Mill Valley at their next meeting at 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 8th at the Outdoor Art Club.
  • Merchants - Sign up for the Clean Mill Valley Merchant Program.
  • Litter removal doesn't require a huge commitment of time - every little bit helps! Pick up litter wherever you go and help out when you can.