City Council Meetings: Participate Online


The Mill Valley City Council's mission is to serve faithfully the residents and businesses of Mill Valley and nurture the City’s overall quality of life. The Mill Valley City Council has the adopted core values of a balanced, inclusive, and open approach to policy-making and city leadership. Council values citizen participation that promotes open communication, mutual respect, and the development of community leaders.

Join us for the June 21 City Council Meeting at 6:30 p.m. (Agenda). Your participation is welcome & encouraged.

How to watch and participate in City Council meetings:


How to provide comments:

Before the meeting: Email your comments to no later than 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting and they will be forwarded to the City Council and included in the public record. Be sure to include the agenda item number you are addressing, as well as your full name and address.

During the meeting

How to make comments:

There are several opportunities to make comments during a City Council meeting. 

First - Check out the Agenda (link above when available) and note which Agenda item you would like to make a comment on. When that item is announced, there will be a Staff Presentation, opportunity for Council to ask questions of staff, and then Public Comment on that item. The Mayor will ask for public comment at that time.

What if the item is listed under the Consent Calendar? See below.

Second - If the topic that you would like to comment on is NOT listed on the Agenda, you may make your commend during Public Open Time, which is usually the first agenda item after the Call to Order.

Third - If you would like to send your comment ahead of time, or if you have a comment that will exceed the 2 minute time limit, and/or would like follow up on your comment, please email the City Clerk at and state your comment or request follow up.

How to make a comment: Start by stating your name and address for the record. Direct your comments to the Mayor and Council, try to be succinct and avoid repetition. You will have 2  minutes to make your comment. You do not have to say "I cede my time" or "I yield my time" if you have leftover time.

What is the Consent Calendar? To expedite meetings and reserve time for matters that need to be discussed, the Council has a section on their agendas labeled as the “Consent Calendar.” Items on the consent calendar are business items grouped together under one heading and decided at one time. There is usually no discussion of Consent Calendar items unless an item is "pulled" by a Councilmember, staff or member of the community.

How to ask for an item to be "Pulled" from the Consent Calendar: To remove (or "pull") an item from the consent calendar for separate discussion, make a request during Public Open Time or when the Mayor introduces the Consent Calendar. This will enable the item to be considered and voted upon separately.