Paper Towels and Wipes Clog Sewer Pipes – Flush Only Toilet Paper

March 16, 2020 

As stewards of the environment, let’s remember to flush only human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.  Paper towels and disposable wipes are a continuing problem for our sewer pipes.  
Even when disposable wipes are labeled “flushable”, all disposable wipes do not rapidly degrade in water compared to toilet paper. 
Other misleading “flushable” items include paper towels, diapers, diaper liners, baby wipes, pre-moistened wipes, bathroom cleaning wipes, and feminine hygiene products. 
Products that are also found to clog pipes are: Q-tips, dental floss, Kleenex, rags, bandages, sticker backs, pharmaceutics, hair, make-up pads, dog bags, and kitty litter.  
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