Parks Closures and Parking Restrictions - Updated

July 1, 2020

Marin County State Beaches Closed: 

There are no public parking facilities, and parking on roadways is prohibited in all state beaches in Marin County. Beaches are open to local residents that can walk or bike into these public outdoor spaces – provided that they practice physical distance and abide to new visitor guidelines – congregating is not allowed. Learn more.

What is open and what is closed:


  • Mill Valley fields are open and you are encouraged to walk or bike there.
  • Trails and trailhead parking are open.
    • Please bring a face covering and wear it when you cannot be more than 6 feet from people you do not share a household with.
    • Continue to physically distance when on the trails.
    • Park only in legal parking spaces. Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and/or towed.
    • Leave no trace - keep our trails and trailheads clean and free of trash!
  • Bayfront Field and Hauke South Field will now be open.
  • If a field or trail is posted as CLOSED, you must not enter.
  • The Skate Park, Boyle Park Tennis Courts and the Mill Valley Golf Course are open but there are limitations and guidelines.
  • Parking lot at Hauke Park Field is now open.


  • High-touch areas such as park play structures and swing sets remain closed.
  • Public restrooms at parks
  • Parking lot at Hauke Park Playground

The new restrictions will be enforced. Please read this message from the Mill Valley Police Department to learn more.




March 31, 2020

We have received an update on additional restrictions around parks in Mill Valley and around Marin County. If you plan to use parks and outdoor space in upcoming days, please make sure you know the new rules so you may stay in compliance

Updated restrictions regarding outdoor recreation:

  • If you visit a park, beach, or other open space area, you must follow any restrictions that the local authorities or managers have in place for that area. These restrictions might include measures like closing parking areas, restricting car access, limiting the number of visitors, or closing the area to public access entirely.

  • You are not allowed to use recreational areas with high-touch equipment or areas for gathering outside of your residence. This includes playgrounds, picnic and barbecue areas, dog parks, and outdoor gym equipment.

  • Governments and other entities that manage recreational areas must close off public access to gathering areas and areas with high-touch equipment.

  • Governments and entities that manage shared recreational facilities must close them to public access.

  • You are only allowed to engage in sports or activities that use shared equipment with members of your own household.




From the County of Marin HHS:

"On March 21, 2020 we urged those around the Bay Area to stay-at-home and suspend all non-essential travel. Our coast was inundated with visitors from all around the Bay Area, overcrowding our essential businesses and creating unsafe gatherings and unsafe conditions for our community as a whole.

On March 22, 2020, due to ongoing congregation at our recreational areas, we issued an order for the immediate closure of all Marin parks and open spaces – including national, state, county, city and local town parks. This was a necessary step to protect our community.

After careful consideration, we are making the following part of the Public Health Order:

All agencies and jurisdictions operating parks, campgrounds, and open spaces are hereby required to cease all public facing non-essential operations and services (including parking) at facilities located within the County. Only non-motorized access to and from will be allowed and visitors shall maintain six-foot social distancing.

This addition to the Public Health Order is in the best interest of our community health.

Does it prohibit you from utilizing the open space or trails near your home?

No. It does however limit your ability to drive to a park or open space area within the county, which is considered non-essential travel.

Please walk, bike or use means other than a vehicle to get to an outdoor recreation area near you.