Now Is The Time to Prepare Your Home for Wildfire Season

April 15, 2020

If you would like to conduct critical fire fuel reduction work, download and print this letter from the Fire Chief. You can use this letter to give to your landscaper or gardener, or to share with your neighbors if they inquire about the work during the Shelter In Place Order. 

April 8, 2020

Vegetation management work, like clearing brush and trimming up trees around your home, is considered essential work and is allowed under the Public Health Order.

You may do this work yourself, or you may hire contractors such as gardeners to conduct this critical fire safety work. All individuals conducting vegetation maintenance work should follow CDC guidelines for sanitation and social distancing.

The Marin County Public Health Order states:

"For the purposes of this Order, 'Essential Businesses' are: Arborists, landscapers, gardeners, and similar service professionals, but only to the limited extent necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, operation of businesses or residences, or the safety of residents, employees, or the public (such as fire safety or tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition), and not for cosmetic or other purposes (such as upkeep)" 

Why This Matters

California is near record dry from this time of year, which means fire season is upon us soon. Southern Marin Fire District and Mill Valley Fire Department will be performing defensible space inspections starting May 1st.

What You Can Do

CUT DRY GRASS AND BRUSH - Cut your dry grass and brush back 10ft from roads, driveways, and your neighbors's property line, 30ft from your home, and up to 150ft if your home is affected by steep slopes.

TRIM BACK BRANCHES - Remove branches that are smaller than three inches in diameter that are within 10ft of the structure's roof or chimney.

CLEAR OUT DEAD DEBRIS - Clean out any build-up of dead leaves or pine needles from gutters, decks, roofs, and exterior stairways. Maintain the clearing throughout wildfire season.

REMOVE DEAD VEGETATION - Remove all dead vegetation from the property, including leaves and tree droppings, grasses, bushes, shrubs, and trees.

LIMB UP TREES - Limb up trees by cutting low hanging branches 10ft from the ground and cutting branches from other trees and shrubs to create adequate spacing.

MAKE YOUR ADDRESS VISIBLE - Ensure your address numbers are clearly visible from the road. Placards should be contrasting color, with bright, reflective font.

Together, we will work together to protect homes and keep our community safe.