Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority to Hold First Operations Committee Meeting

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority will hold its first Operations Committee Meeting via videoconference this Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 3pm. Interested members of the public are able to join by phone using the instructions in the MWPA Meeting Agenda

The focus of this first meeting will be to ensure all committee members are briefed and introduced; to select leadership for the Operations Committee and receive an update on Executive Officer recruitment; to discuss year one funding and tax matters; and to discuss and develop next steps for the MWPA 2020 Work Plan and Grant Program. 

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority allows local fire agencies and emergency service providers, city and town governments, and the County of Marin to work together as a single coordinated Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to develop and implement a comprehensive wildfire prevention and emergency preparedness initiative. Wildfire knows no boundaries, and homes, neighborhoods and communities are only as safe as those surrounding and adjacent where wildfire can ignite and grow. With all 19 local fire agencies serving Marin County working together under the umbrella of the MWPA, we will be able to take proactive steps to fight the increasingly frequent and destructive wildfires in our area.