PG&E Provides Financial Resources For Those Impacted During COVID-19

PG&E provides many resources for customers to resolve ongoing financial hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.  PG&E will not shut off power for unpaid bills during this time. In addition, customers with certain income and other medical needs may qualify for additional assistance. 

PG&E Financial Resources Include: 
  • California Alternate Rates for Energy Program (CARE). A monthly discount of 20% or more on gas and electricity. Participants qualify through income guidelines or if enrolled in certain public assistance programs.  

  • Family Electric Rate Assistance Program (FERA). A monthly discount of 18% on electricity only. Must be a household with three or more people. Participants qualify through income guidelines.  

  • Offering Flexible Payment Plans. You can schedule payment of your current balance over several months to help address temporary financial strains. 

  • Relief for Community Assistance Through Community Help. Provides income qualified customers with financial assistance during times of hardship.

  • Medical Baseline. Residential customers who have special energy needs due to certain qualifying medical conditions can receive a lower rate on monthly energy bills. 

Learn more about financial support resources on the PG&E website.