Preparing for Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS)

We have already had one Red Flag Day this fire season, and there are more to come. The new National Interagency Fire Center wildland fire potential outlook continues to favor above normal significant wildland fire potential for most of Northern CA through October.

If weather forecasts indicate an increased risk of wind-related damage to overhead electric lines combined with dry vegetation susceptible to fire ignition and spread, it may be necessary for PG&E to turn off the electricity serving that area. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

What can you do?

  • Stock up on supplies before a PSPS is announced, such as lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps with fresh batteries. Purchase and charge backup power cells and/or solar chargers to charge your devices during an outage. Electric and battery backup power comes in many shapes and sizes; shop around to find what's best for you.

  • Think about generators now. If you need a large capacity power source, such as to provide backup power for a medical device or refrigerator, there are large capacity electric or battery operated 'generators' available. Permanent generator installation may review additional permitting – click here to learn more.

    Keep safety in mind. Gas-powered generators can be very dangerous and improper use can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or death. If you choose to use a gas-powered generator, do not use it indoors or near vegetation, an open window, or ventilation. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and warning labels. If using your car to charge devices, open your garage door or keep your vehicle outside while it is running.

  • Sign up for alerts to receive notification about power shutoffs and available resources. Information about when a PSPS will occur, and for how long, will be available through various notification systems. Click here to sign up for alerts.

Check out the latest news and information about PSPS here.