Perspectives: Past, Present, Future

September 4, 2020

A community art project in response to the present-day Racial Justice movement invites Mill Valley to paint and share their experiences, personal stories, and visions for the future.

This project is the result of a collaboration between the Mill Valley Arts Commission and Artist, Zoe Fry. The installation of this project is going on throughout the weekend.

Join us in this timely opportunity to explore racial experience in Mill Valley. On September 3, 2020 a community art project using freestanding doors will be installed in the Downtown Depot Plaza. The doors will serve as a metaphor to view systematic racism through three Perspectives: Past, Present, and Future. 

Ways to participate:

  1. On September 5 and 6, from 10 am to 5 pm, the community is invited to witness and participate in a portrait painting process on the front of the doors.

  2.  The backside of each door will allow for curated posting of people‚Äôs experiences and personal stories. You can participate anytime.

  3. Come and experience the piece. There will be a submissions box on site for written and creative responses, or long personal story submissions. These submissions may be used in next public phases of this project. 

The Past Door is dedicated to a history of the truth of systemic racism in Mill Valley and Southern Marin told by personal stories. The Present Doors will be available for posting of first-hand experiences of systematic racism in Mill Valley and Southern Marin. The Future door asks what it will take to create Safety, Equity, and Integration in Mill Valley and Southern Marin.

This is an all ages community art piece installed in a public space. All entries will be subject to curation based on language and relevance to the guidelines.

About the Art Piece - Learn more.

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The City of Mill Valley promotes independently-produced community activities and events that inspire action towards eliminating racial disparities, both inside government and in the community. Learn more about the City of Mill Valley's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives here.