Adopt an SLP Program Expands

The Friends of Mill Valley’s Steps, Lanes and Paths “Adopt-an-SLP” program is designed to engage the community in helping maintain and care for the many unique staircases, neighborhood lanes and natural pathways that make up the City’smuch-loved SLPs. The program is open to all – individuals, neighborhood groups, businesses, hiking and running clubs, Scouts, schools, church groups – you name it. If you have an interest if helping the cause, you are welcomed!

What is involved?

Adopters have a simple responsibility – keep their adopted SLP swept, raked, weeded, pruned, or otherwise well cared for. No major maintenance is expected. No money is required. No construction needed. This usually means visiting your adopted SLP once a month or so and doing any light clean up needed. Should you find a problem requiring additional help (broken railing, missing stair tread, storm erosion, downed tree…) you simply let either the Friends or the City know, and we will take care of it for you. Should you want help with a major cleanup effort, the Friends will strive to provide volunteers to assist you.

How do I participate?

Simple! Find a staircase, lane or path you are interested inadopting and send the description of it (SLP number if know, location if not) to and we will do the rest. We will ensure that it has not already been adopted by someone else, contact you to make sure we have the information we need (name, full contact info, etc.) and that you have all of your questions answered, and then voila! you are good to go.

Questions? Call Hugh Kuhn at 415-385-1614