City of Mill Valley Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force Appointed

Update - 2/18/2021 - The Mill Valley City Council dissolved the DEI Task Force as an official advisory body to the Council retroactively as of December 7, 2020. The City is immensely appreciative of the work of the DEI Task Force and hopes that the City and the members of this group may continue to work together to act and encourage community action towards eliminating racial disparities, both inside government and in the community.  Learn more about the City of Mill Valley's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives here.

September 28, 2020

At their meeting on June 15, 2020, the Mill Valley City Council approved an immediate action plan to address systemic racism and injustice in Mill Valley. The plan included the establishment of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force to review and develop additional actions, investigate best practices, and make specific recommendations to Council for next steps.

The City’s DEI Facilitator, Dr. Patricia Patton, has appointed the members of a newly formed DEI Task Force to provide input and recommendations to the City Council.

Task Force members are:

Naima Dean, Chair
Elspeth Mathau, Co-Chair   
Megan Acio
Amber Allen-Peirson
Sacha Bunge
Johanna Calabria
Nancy Carlston
Dart Cherk
Tammy Edmonson
Eileen Fisher
Zoe Fry
Halicue Gambrell Hanna 
Running Grass
Gilda Harger
Hilary Heaven
Tammy Herndon
Denmo Ibrahim
Frank Leidman
Jasson Minadakis        
Celimene Pastor
Kerry Peirson
Maura Tokarski


After a series of meetings, the committee will produce a written report of their recommendations and present them to the Council.

“The talents, interests, and commitment to DEI and anti-racism by everyone who applied to serve on the DEI Task Force are commendable,” DEI Facilitator Patricia Patton said. “I look forward to working with the DEI Task Force members who are amazing and dedicated to representing different voices of the Mill Valley community. Their expertise, creativity, leadership, and focus will make a significant difference.”

“We wish to extend our thanks on behalf of the City Council and the residents of Mill Valley to everyone that applied for their generous contribution of time and talent to improve our community,” Mayor Sashi McEntee said.

The timeline for the DEI Task Force:

  • September - Task Force formation, Introduce Task  Force members 
  • October - DEI Task Force meetings begin, facilitate "Circle of Truth Forums"
  • November - DEI Task Force meetings, finalize recommendations
  • December - Present recommendations to the City Council, decide on Phase 2 and Phase 3 DEI Task Force Strategies, prepare for Ambassadors "Community Champions Teams" (CTT) Sessions
  • January - Launch Phase 2 DEI Initiatives

Your participation and input is welcome and encouraged in all City DEI initiatives:

Contact us: Email the DEI Working Group at