New Construction Management Requirements

Mill Valley's topography, limited access and parking, narrow streets, historic development patterns, and on-going new home and remodeling projects can make construction a challenge in Mill Valley. For many years the City of Mill Valley has required major construction projects to submit a Construction Management Plan (CMP) prior to beginning work to help lessen the impacts of construction activities on the surrounding neighborhood, while allowing the project to proceed in a timely and efficient manner.

The City has recently updated and expanded the scope of and requirements for CMPs to address residents’ concerns about construction-related impacts and will be required on all new projects subject to Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission approval by the Planning Department.

Major revisions to the CMP requirements include:

  • New submittal requirements to be included with the plan set submitted for a Building or Grading Permit. 
  • Job site informational signage. 
  • Worker parking requirements.
  • Revised delivery and material off-haul hours.

To review the new guidelines, please click: Construction Management Plan