Help House the Mill Valley Community

Home Match has partnered with the City of Mill Valley on their "House Mill Valley" initiative. Home Match is a Covia Community Service Program that connects homeowners with people seeking affordable housing. We are proud to be a part of Mill Valley's solution to help house the Mill Valley community and its workforce.

We recently sent out a postcard to Mill Valley residents about the Home Match program. Thank you for your interest! Our staff screens applicants through interviews, background checks, and home visits, and then matches people with living arrangements based on compatibility lifestyles and interests. The Home Match program also designs a comprehensive Living Together Agreement and continue to work with both parties, even after the match is made. We can also help homeowners work to create extra space that can be used in their home, given the interest in housing a Mill Valley community member.

"I think Home Match have nailed it. What a great experience. I have saved money, plus it's so comfortable and I love cooking. This has allowed me to show off my cooking skills." - A Testimonial from a happily matched participant

To learn more about housing a community member or know of a community member seeking housing, call Lita Acosta at (415) 465-9068 or email Home Match has been serving Marin County since 2012. Covia is a nonprofit organization that has been providing housing and services for over 50 years. Learn more here.