COVID-19 Safety for Your Family


Please review this information to keep your family safe:


You shouldn't travel if you don't need to. Find out why and how traveling is risky, and see what qualifies as "essential travel." It is advised that you should avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from your place of residence.

All persons arriving in or returning to their home county should self-quarantine for 10 days. Quarantine may be discontinued after 7 days with a negative molecular test completed on day 5 or later, and if asymptomatic. It is important that all members of a family who are not fully vaccinated get tested. 

Cluster of Cases Among Members of Sports Teams

Marin County Public Health is investigating clusters of COVID-19 cases related to team sports. Non-adherence to guidance, including out-of-state travel and participation on multiple teams, threatens our pandemic response.

Participating in, traveling to, and attending sporting events increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission. All sports should adhere to state-recommended precautions for outdoor and indoor youth sports and recreational adult sports. 


When people from different households mix, this increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Private gatherings are permitted, but are limited to small gatherings of up to three households.  

If you are planning to host or participate in a private gathering, you must comply with the requirements listed here, and are strongly encouraged to follow the recommendations as well. 


Face coverings are required for everyone in Marin -- over 2 years old -- when around other people. This includes the Mill Valley Skate Park - a popular recreation spot for Mill Valley teens.

You must wear a mask:

  • At indoor AND outdoor businesses – whether as an employee or a customer
  • Waiting in line to enter a store
  • Waiting for and using public transit
  • Riding in a taxi or rideshare (e.g., Lyft, Uber)
  • Seeking healthcare; or visiting a hospital, medical clinic, pharmacy, laboratory, dental office, veterinary clinic or blood bank
  • Walking outside and within 6 feet of others (6 feet = about the length of a mattress)


Visit the County of Marin COVID-19 webpage for more information.