Help Keep the Skate Park Safe and Open

It will take a village to make sure the Mill Valley Skate Park is a safe and fun experience. The City of Mill Valley has worked to keep most outdoor recreation facilities, including the Skate Park, open to the public during this pandemic to encourage outdoor recreation and exercise. The Mill Valley Skate Park is not a staffed facility, so the ability to keep the Skate Park open and safe must be a community wide effort. We need parents, skaters, and scooterists to help make sure that the experience is a safe one during this pandemic.

The COVID-19 rules of the Skate Park include:
- Maintain 6ft distance from non-household members
- Mask required before and after skating or scootering activity, or when you take a break
- No congregating
- No consumption of food or beverages
- Hand sanitizer provided and encouraged

Both the Mill Valley Police Department and Mill Valley Recreation have staff checking on the Skate Park during peak times on school days at the request of the Mill Valley Middle School Administration, but it isn’t enough. We need the skater/scooterist community to demonstrate the pandemic protocols mentioned above. We also need parents to reenforce this behavior with their children.

There are currently signs, at the Skate Park, encouraging mask wearing/social distancing and discouraging congregating/consumption of food and beverages.

Ultimately, whether the skate park remains open is in the hands of the skaters/scooterists themselves. If skaters/scooterists follow the pandemic rules of mask wearing, social distancing, using hand sanitizer and congregating, we can all enjoy the Skate Park safely. If not, we may be forced to close a beloved facility.

Thank you!