Emergency Preparedness Commission Puts Equity Lens on Their Work

The Emergency Preparedness Commission (EPC) is an advisory body to the City Council that focuses on preparing Mill Valley businesses, residents and schools for a natural disaster. They do this by developing risk awareness, providing safety and risk mitigation education and by advocating the need for ongoing emergency and disaster preparedness.

At the February 1, 2021 City Council meeting, EPC Chair Michelle Terrell presented the group's Annual Report and shared the wide scope of their work in the past year and upcoming plans.

Terrell shared that the EPC plans to apply an equity lens to their work of disaster mitigation, response planning, and recovery processes, to make sure that their outreach and engagement efforts are reaching all members of our community.

She shared the following in her update:

"We want to have equity in mind and in practice for our emergency preparedness outreach. Just like a school system or a public health system cannot operate adequately with a one-size-fits-all model, those of us involved with messaging on emergency preparedness must figure out ways to meet the communication needs of diverse populations. 

So in the coming year, we will be translating our printed materials into Spanish. And we want to be sure our messaging reaches people beyond Mill Valley homeowners, and to truly include renters, workers, and short-term visitors to Mill Valley. 

This month, two EPC members, Chair Michelle Terrell and Vice-Chair Max Perrey will begin a three-month Leadership for Equity and Opportunity training program through Impact Launch (supported by a grant from the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation). We want to learn how to create community partnerships for equity and to be sure that our messaging truly includes everyone. 

We will bring back the knowledge we gain in that equity training program to the larger EPC, so that we can strategize on the best methods to reach BIPOC members of the community, as well as workers, visitors, and others who our traditional outreach plans may have not reached sufficiently."

On behalf of the EPC, she welcomed recommendations and assistance from community members in doing this important work. Contact the EPC at 

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