Marin Climate and Energy Partners Launches Sustainability Tracker

The Marin Climate and Energy Partnership (MCEP) has launched a new interactive sustainability tracker illustrating progress being made by local jurisdictions, residents and businesses in Marin County toward reducing emissions and increasing sustainable practices.

The "Marin Sustainability Tracker” includes twelve metrics gauging a community’s level of consumption and implementation of sustainability measures related to energy, waste, transportation, water and greenhouse gas reductions. The interactive map allows a user to see how a city or town is doing in comparison to other local jurisdictions over time and provides additional information on how each member of the community can take further action to help reduce emissions and meet the State’s greenhouse gas reduction targets. Metrics tracked include: community and household energy consumption, the rate of solar energy installation, the conversion of conventional streetlights to LED streetlights, the number of electric vehicle charging stations in each town, and the amount of waste landfilled and water consumed each year.

“We’re thrilled to provide this tool and we hope it inspires people to take more action to meet our communities’ sustainability goals,” said Cory Bytof, MCEP Chair. “The Marin Sustainability Tracker shows, for example, that household energy use has hardly dropped at all since 2005. So, while Marin County and local jurisdictions have made some excellent, early progress on other measures such as reducing the amount of waste sent to our landfills, we still have a way to go on residential energy consumption. This interactive map is a fun and engaging way to track progress and to create some friendly competition between Marin communities as we continue to work together to create a more healthy and sustainable Marin.”

The Marin Sustainability Tracker is available at (Note: Updated Web Browser required to view the website).