Mill Valley Police Department Awards and Recognition

Photo from Left to Right: Sgt. Wrapp; Ofc. Schmidt; Cpl. Serrano; Cpl. Caldarulo; Ofc. Lovos; Ofc. Puccetti; Cpl. Longoria; CSO DeLaTorre

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, the Mill Valley Police Department recognized several of its department members for their work and achievements in 2020.

Each year, the Mill Valley Police Department takes the opportunity to recognize employees for actions of meritorious service and those above and beyond the call of duty. The Mill Valley Police Department has an internal process for recognizing those, who during the course of their duties, have demonstrated extraordinary efforts during the year.

There is a total of five award categories; Medal of Valor, Medal of Merit, Blue Star Citation, Life saving Citation, and Exceptional Conduct Citation.

The following employees were recognized for their efforts in 2020:

Life-Saving Citation Award

The Life Saving Citation may be awarded to those members and professional staff who distinguish themselves by saving another human being from imminent death or serious bodily injury through the administration of first aid or physical assistance during an emergency and thatthe first aid or physical assistance was essential in the person surviving the injury for a period of time greater than 24 hours after the incident.

  • Corporal Richard Serrano and Officer Aaron Schmidt were awarded the Life-Saving Citation after being dispatched to a medical aid at 3:45 AM at a residence in Mill Valley. When they arrived, they found the subject was unconscious and not breathing. Corporal Serrano and Officer Schmidt began administering CPR while attempting to stabilize the subject until Medics arrived on-scene. Medics were able to continue efforts and transport the subject to the hospital. MVPD later learned, through a family friend, that the citizen survived the medical emergency and was on the mend.

Exceptional Conduct Citation

The Exceptional Conduct Citation may be awarded to those members and professional staff who, in the best interest of the department or community, in a single task, event, incident or over an extended period of time and on behalf of the department, distinguished themselves by performing their duties with exceptional thoroughness, conscientiousness, determination or initiative and does so in a manner that is clearly above that which is normally expected. The behavior must have been for a purpose that is deemed objectively necessary to the goals of the department or community.

  • Corporal Josh Longoria and Officer Michael Puccetti were awarded the Exceptional Conduct Citation for safely disarming a subject actively attempting to take their own life. The subject was found to be experiencing a mental health crisis at the time. Corporal Longoria and Officer Puccetti utilized their de-escalation tactics, disarmed, and secured the subject without incident. That person was then transported to the hospital for further treatment.
  • Corporal Petre Caldarulo was awarded the Exceptional Conduct Citation for saving a subject and infant child from imminent injury or possible death from the traffic lanes of Highway 101. The subject was experiencing a mental health crisis while under the influence of drugs/narcotics. The subject was walking in the lanes of traffic during broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon. Corporal Caldarulo was first to the scene and secured the subject and infant child, moving them to safety. The subject was further taken into custody by CHP and Child Protective Services responded to care for the infant child.
  • Officer John Lovos was awarded the Exceptional Conduct Citation for his investigation and location of an elderly Mill Valley citizen who had been reported missing for hours. Officer Lovos located the subject off-trail, along Old Railroad Grade, sitting along a steep embankment overlooking a creek at approximately 12-midnight. The citizen was safely reunited with family members.

Along with these awards the department also recognized two additional employees for:

Employee of the Year

  • Community Services Officer Christopher DeLaTorre was voted by his colleagues as the 2020 Employee of the Year. Employee of the Year is awarded to the department member who demonstrated “Outstanding and Dedicated Police Services to the City of Mill Valley.”

Service Award – 25 years

  • Sergeant Paul Wrapp has been with the City of Mill Valley for 30 years starting as a Reserve Police Officer and part-time Parking Enforcement Officer. In 1995, Sergeant Wrapp became a full-time police officer with MVPD. Through the years, Sergeant Wrapp has held such positions as Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, Detective, School Resource Officer, and Acting Lieutenant. We would like to thank Sergeant Wrapp for 25 years of dedicated service to the community and MVPD.