Community Mental Health Resources

These hotlines offer free and confidential crisis support for individuals having thoughts of suicide, as well as friends and family worried about loved ones.

  • Marin Mobile Crisis Response Team: 1-415-473-6392 (1-415-473-3344 (TTY))
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services: 1-415-473-6666 
  • Bay Area Community Resources: 1-415-444-5580 
  • 24-7 Marin Suicide Prevention: 1-415-499-1100

How to talk about suicide - From the Buckelew Suicide Prevention Program:

It’s okay to talk about suicide. More people are speaking compassionately and openly about mental health and their struggles. Talking about suicide with others can be life-saving.

  • Know the SignsNotice your concern of any sudden changes in mood, words, or actions such as: increased substance use, difficulty sleeping, acting recklessly, feeling depressed, talking about suicide, feeling like a burden, access to firearms, etc.
  • Ask Directly“I’m concerned about you. You’ve seemed really withdrawn. Are you thinking of suicide?” Asking will not give the person ideas to take their life.
  • Listen and Show Support“I want you to know that support is available to help you through this.” Let them talk.
  • Refer for Help“I’d like to sit with you while you call your (hotline, therapist, hospital) for help.” Find resources together. Do not assume a person will get help on their own.
  • Follow-up“Let’s make a plan to connect again.” A phone call or note to show you care can help in the healing process.

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