City Council adopts new Design Guidelines and Standards for Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Development

On Monday night, the City Council approved new Design Guidelines for Multi-Family residential and Mixed-Use (commercial and residential) development.  The new Design Guidelines are guidelines for reviewing multi-family and mixed-use commercial projects during the Design Review process. Currently, the City does not have any Design Guidelines specific to multi-family or mixed-use development. These Design Guidelines address site and building design, massing, architectural elements, materials, and overall design character, and are now effective.

The Council also initiated adoption of two ordinances.  The first ordinance amends the Zoning Ordinance to add new Development Standards for mixed-use development in Commercial Zones (there currently are no requirements) and modify development standards in multi-family and downtown residential zoning districts.  The current zoning development standards date to the 1960’s, are outdated, and lack requirements such as allowed floor area and transitional height limits (where development is adjacent to single family residential districts). 

The new Development Standards modify the zoning associated with all properties in multi-family residential and downtown residential areas, and mixed-use development in commercial zoning districts in the City of Mill Valley.

The second ordinance updates the Zoning Map to reflect the City’s Adopted Land Use Map.  Changes include creating a new Downtown Commercial Zoning District (currently this area has the same designation as Miller Avenue commercial areas) and creating a new Downtown Residential Zoning District (currently zoned multi-family residential).

For more detail, you can find the Design Guidelines and new Development Standards by clicking here or contacting the Planning Department.