Mill Valley Fire Captain Promotion - February 24, 2021

On February 11, 2021 Chief Tubbs announced the promotion of Zach Sweeney to the rank of Captain. Zach Sweeney will be filling the vacancy created by the promotion of Southern Marin Fire District Battalion Chief Golden. 

The Captain position plays a vital role in our community. They are our direct connection with the local neighborhood and truly are our front-line ambassadors. The Captain plays an integral role to the fire station and emergency operations. They often respond as a single resource to their crew. We trust them in ensuring our values and mission are carried out to the highest standards possible. Our community will not call for our services if they do not trust and respect us. It's a heavy mantel to bare. 

Captains are responsible for the safety of their crew and that is why training is so critical. They are also the first line of defense with regards to safety and the overall health culture in the fire stations.

Zach Sweeney was hired by the City of Mill Valley in 2013 and after a multiple step evaluation process, he was selected to fill the vacant captain's position. Zach will be a Captain at Station 9 in Mill Valley for C-Shift. 

Southern Marin Fire District is exceedingly proud of Zach and we are confident in his ability to take on this responsibility ensuring he can deliver the highest quality of service with professionalism and passion. 


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