DEI Initiatives Update - March 15, 2021

The City of Mill Valley commits to act and encourage community action towards eliminating racial disparities, both inside government and in the community. The City Council has identified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives as their top priority, and staff provides regular updates to the City Council and community at each City Council meeting.

This information will be shared tonight at the City Council meeting during the City Manager's Report. Participate.

City Council

  • Representatives from the Marin City Community Services District have invited the City to a meeting later this month to learn more about the newly launched “STRIKE Program,” a substance abuse prevention program focused on discouraging use of alcohol and illicit drugs in Southern Marin. Councilmember Ossa, as well as Chief Navarro and School Resource Officer Neisius will be attending and look forward to collaborating on this effort.


  • Police Chief Navarro, Lieutenant Haynes and Lieutenant Graf met last week with the Law Enforcement Working Group members of the former DEI Task Force - now known as the Force 4 Racial Justice - to share an update and seek their input. The group covered a wide range of topics and plans to meet again soon.

  • Police staff are putting together a comprehensive department report on the Police-related items in the Work Plan, which staff anticipates will be reviewed by Council at the April 19 meeting.

Recreation and Arts

  • Recreation staff is working on a partnership with Soma Aquatics and Play Marin to provide free swim lessons at the Mill Valley Community Center in upcoming weeks. The goal of the program is to provide basic swimming instruction to members of the community that cannot afford it or do not have access. 

  • In February, the Arts Commission approved the creation of a new gallery space at the Community Center for DEI-focused ArtWalks. Staff is now working with Public Works to prepare the space for this purpose. Recreation staff will be reaching out to the Arts and Culture subcommittee of the Force 4 Racial Justice to seek their input, and looks forward to future collaboration.

Economic Initiatives

  • City staff met last week with a representative of the Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce to move forward with the Council-approved recommendations to explore financial mentoring programs and grants/financial assistance to support BIPOC business and entrepreneurs in Mill Valley. Chamber staff has reached out to the Economic Opportunities subcommittee of the Force 4 Racial Justice to seek their input, and is looking forward to collaborating with members of the BIPOC business community in upcoming events and initiatives.

  • The City is participating in the Digital Marin project, an effort to develop a countywide roadmap to achieve digital equity for all. Digital Marin is seeking feedback from Marin's business community about internet access. This is an important opportunity to share what issues are preventing community members from accessing high quality, affordable internet. Please consider sharing your thoughts.

  • The Marin Small Business Development Center and Workforce Alliance of the North Bay has announced several upcoming free workshops for small businesses related to marketing, planning, finance, disaster relief loans, and more. Also, in April, there will be an all-virtual North Bay Regional Job Fair. Learn more.

County of Marin

  • To further the goal of coalition-building across the County to achieve DEI goals, staff from the City Manager’s office recently attended the Marin County Human Rights Commission Meeting. This commission advises the Marin County Board of Supervisors on issues related to the justice system, law enforcement, housing, immigration, education and the digital divide. Staff shared briefly about Mill Valley and discussed opportunities to collaborate in the future. Their next meeting will be April 13 from 7-9 pm.

  • On Thursday, March 18 at 6:30pm, the Flood Control Zone 3 (Richardson Bay) Advisory Board meeting will include updates on Marin City initiatives Shore Up Marin City and the Marin City People's Plan. The agenda is available, and you can find out more about the meeting (including Zoom details) online. Also, you can sign up to subscribe to receive emails for future announcements related to Flood Control Zone 3.

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