The 3 W's of COVID-19 Safety

We are enthusiastic about our schools being in session and our local businesses opening with fewer restrictions. Our ability to return to some of our normal behavior has been welcomed in our community. Let’s continue to take the positivity forward.

As we all continue to navigate this pandemic together, it is very important to continue to practice the “3 W’s.”

What are the “3 W’s” you ask?

We are encouraging families to partner with us in reminding their child(ren) to practice the principles of:

Wearing a mask
Waiting six feet apart
Washing hands frequently

All residents of Mill Valley and beyond, children, teens and adults, are encouraged to practice these guidelines, not just at our schools, but in all public spaces.

While the vaccination rollout continues, and more people receive their vaccinations, now is not the time to ease up on the 3 W’s. Bringing down the case rates is a priority for all of us, and these measures will help us get there sooner! 

Happy Spring!