Uncomfortable Conversations with Black Men

On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, communities around the nation commemorated the first anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Members of the Mill Valley Police Department participated in a roundtable discussion entitled “Uncomfortable Conversations with Black Men.” This discussion was the first to be presented by the Phoenix Project of Marin (a program of Performing Stars), Marin City Ministerial Alliance, and facilitated by Dr. Frank J. Omowale Satterwhite, Leadership Incorporated.

The event took place at the Rocky Graham Park in Marin City and was attended by members of the Southern Marin County Law Enforcement agencies and members of the Marin City Community. Participants discussed the history between black men and law enforcement that has been filled with strife, mistrust, and conflict over fundamental issues. This was part of our police department's many actions as we continue to have these conversations to serve as a springboard to help all of us move forward and find solutions for social justice in Marin.

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