Mill Valley Police Department Transportation Assistance Program

Over the past year Mill Valley, along with most other cities in the Bay Area, has seen a considerable increase in those experiencing homelessness and the need for assistance.

As one way to help, the Mill Valley Police Department has begun implementation of a bus pass program. The department has purchased bus passes through Golden Gate Transit, each good for one-time use within Marin County (if someone requires round-trip transportation, two passes may be provided). The program is not a means to relocate those in need, rather to provide transportation to the services they may require.

These passes are not expressly for those experiencing homelessness, but anyone within Mill Valley in need of assistance with transportation may be provided a pass. On-duty patrol supervisors will have the passes on hand each shift and they will also be available at the Mill Valley Police Department, Public Safety Building.

The last two Marin County Homeless Census and Survey Reports are from 2017 and 2019, respectively. In both those reports, one of the services most requested, was for transportation. For additional statistical information, please visit Marin Health and Human Services .

For those asking how they can help those in need, please visit Marin Health and Human Services Community Resource Guide This guide provides resources for the following: Care, Health, Education, Legal, Emergency, Food, Housing, Money, and Transit. Within each resource category, there are numerous options that accept donations, or even volunteers.