DEI Initiatives Update - June 7, 2021

The City of Mill Valley commits to act and encourage community action towards eliminating racial disparities, both inside government and in the community. The City Council has identified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives as their top priority, and staff provides regular updates to the City Council and community at each City Council meeting.

A summary of this information will be shared tonight at the City Council meeting during the City Manager's Report. Participate.

City Council

  • On June 1, 2021, the City released a statement condemning the vandalism of the “Perspectives” public art piece that is on the sidewalk in front of Tamalpais High School.

  • The Mill Valley City Council will declare June 2021 as LGBTQ Pride Month. "The City of Mill Valley and urges residents to recognize the contributions made by members of the LGBTQ community and to actively promote the principles of equity, equality, visibility, diversity, and inclusion for all." Read the full proclamation here.


At their regular meeting on June 2, 2021, Parks and Recreation Commissioners received updates on a number of initiatives related to DEI:

  •  Installing new adaptive play structures for children with different needs

  • Preparing the upcoming gallery space at the Aquatics & Fitness Center dedicated to DEI artists and DEI art.

  • Collaborating on swim lessons with Soma Aquatics and Play Marin

  • Partnership between Mill Valley Recreation and Marin City Community Service District to advertise  services in each other's brochures.

  • Offering a “Welcome Back Pass” which would temporarily suspend the resident/nonresident rate difference to remove participation barriers and bring people together.

Watch the video here.


  • Join the Mill Valley Library’s World Literature Book Club on June 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm. All are welcome! We will be reading Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara. Learn more.

  • At tonight’s meeting, Council will receive an update on the implementation of the Library’s 20/21 One-year Work Plan and discuss the 21/22 One year Work Plan, which includes many DEI initiatives. Please join us to hear the presentation and update tonight. Read the Staff Report.


  • On Tuesday, May 25, 2021, communities around the nation commemorated the first anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Members of the Mill Valley Police Department participated in a roundtable discussion entitled “Uncomfortable Conversations with Black Men” in Marin City. Learn more.

Mill Valley Fire Department/Southern Marin Fire

  • The Fire District DEI Taskforce selected a chair for their internal team. She is also now attending and participating with the Mill Valley DEI Core Team.

  • On May 18th, three personnel from the SMFD/MVFD staff attended a meeting at the Frederick Leon Marcus Youth Academy in Marin City. The topic of conversation for the evening was “Civic Engagement: Diversity and Inclusion” with a special emphasis on the word “Citizenship” and how citizenship is correlated with diversity and inclusion. The students also performed an activity with the intent to have the ability to build trust with one another. 

  • The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority recently adopted the 2021/2022 budget and workplan. This included funding for an Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) Coordinator for the Southern Marin Operational Area. This position will be responsible for coordinating the NRG’s that exist, as well as supporting the creation of new teams and this will include active outreach into Marin City, Strawberry, Sausalito, and Mill Valley.

Planning & Building

  • On June 21, 2021 City Council will consider next steps towards building a 100% affordable housing project at 1 Hamilton Drive, a City-owned lot next to the City's Public Safety Building. As part of the hearing, Council will review staff materials, including a third party sites and financial feasibility analysis, Housing Advisory Committee recommendations and public comment. Learn more.

  • Also on June 21, 2021, Council will receive a report and update from City staff on affordable housing items in the Mill Valley DEI Work Plan.

Call for Applications

  • Looking for an opportunity to get involved in your local government? The Mill Valley City Council is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Planning Commission. Learn more.

Collaborating with Partners Across the County

  • On May 25 the County of Marin Board of Supervisors received an update on the Restrictive Covenants Program. The program aims to inform and educate Marin County residents of historic and discriminatory housing policies that, while illegal today, continue to remain in property deeds throughout Marin. Learn more.

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